What my solution for Tinnitus has been that works beautifully for me

by Denise Griffin 

Lately, I have been conversing with friends and reading some articles streaming through FB on the subject of tinnitus. Although so appreciative of all the knowledge we are acquiring, where before we had very limited information, I sometimes question some of the solutions (conventional and non-conventional) coming about.  (We can expound on this more later of course)

Tinnitus triggers can be a side effect from medications, additives, foods, drinks, hearing loss itself, loud noises, chemicals in the air, bad air, dental work, inflammation, caffeine, salt, aspirin products, cervical issues, vibrations, when allergens or environmental toxins are present, sinus congestion or sinus/head pressure, etc etc.  It surely can be a "constant" because there are so many triggers/causes/ factors to this one symptom!