Someone brought up one of my favorite subjects in a FB Meniere's Group..Gingko Biloba!

Someone brought up one of my favorite subjects in a FB Meniere's Group..Gingko Biloba!  

The person bringing up the subject asked, "if Ginkgo works for you to please share about it".  I was not surprised that in many of the responses people claimed that it did not work for them.

Thought I would share a bit of my view on this as I have learned why this might be true for some people.  

1. What is the part of the plant being used?  true quality of the the brand we are using?  Is it pressed powder in a capsule and how much of the main ingredient is present?  

Ginkgo Leaf extract (if a good pure brand with enough of the main ingredient of course) will work to bring circulation to the upper body (head, brain, eyes, ears, etc) and what it does is transport blood (therefore nutrients) to areas that need healing etc.

Also, known for lessening tinnitus because it helps blood reach these areas of the ear, etc.

Also, helps with an overall balanced body feeling and can relieve brain fog too.  

2. Is this form of Gingko being taken alone or in conjunction with other supplements that might benefit synergistically?

When taken in conjunction with other balanced nutrition or antioxidants it can work even better for relief of symptoms.  This is because what good quality antioxidants do is combat/attack free radicals which then minimize inflammation and draw out fluids...Therefore, dilating blood vessels to retain their normal health.  

So, in other words, when the other nutrients are doing their work properly the Ginkgo is then able to do its work properly as well!  Blood and nutrients are better able to pass through to areas it may have had trouble fully reaching before. 

My own experience:

I remember when I suffered Meniere's symptoms very badly (yrs ago now) and was not taking ginkgo my head would seem to gravitate downward making me vulnerable to countless times of nausea, dizziness and vertigo.  I would literally hold my head in my hand because it felt so heavy!  I'd have this urge to ly down or ly flat but when I did that too fast I'd then feel more dizziness.  Some people feel lightheadedness but I was the opposite..felt laugh at myself now but NOT then!!  

For a long time I was one to suffer circulation issues..that is, a lack of it.  And, you know what can come along with that, don't you?...nausea, etc!  

One reason may have been the fact that I always had low iron stores - but this is another subject for future.  It seemed as I got older, busier and stressed with a stationary-type doubt about symptoms worsened!  And, then, when I would go to the gym or to yoga class I'd end up more dizzy than when I began!  But, I thought I was doing a good thing?  Why was it not working?

One reason was I was very ill.  I didn't have Ginkgo's help.  When I started taking this particular brand (along with my other new kind of supplements), in time, I wasn't having these issues.  I believe this was because my blood was already circulating before I got my body started moving in the first was already warmed up (so to speak).  And, after a time, this good nutrition was finally reaching my cells.

I hear from so many people who have "sudden" Meniere's symptoms, especially as they start on an exercise machine or are just "getting going".  Or, even when People will go out in the heat or hot shining sun in the summertime they experience sudden symptoms.  One of my mentors, Karin Henderson, who is an experienced nurse and Meniere's supporter explained how this works to me and I was amazed to learn the answer; this is due to fluid in our bodies expanding with the heat..fluid expands! if there are free radicals present anywhere in our bodies or our cells are already experiencing Oxidative Stress this makes perfect sense to me!  I found this so interesting a concept..another simple example of "cause and effect" in action. 

Now, we all realize (especially those who have become accustomed) that there can be countless other factors at play to be possible causes/triggers in examples like these..However, I am just sharing my perspective and experience focusing on what I have seen Ginkgo + do for me.

Works for me for sure! 

Here is the Medline Plus description for Ginkgo:

Take care,
Denise Griffin

P.S.  I remember my doctor's reply to me when I asked him, "Could my head not be getting enough circulation"..he said "sure you're alive aren't you?"..Not the response I wanted to hear and Not very helpful in the least!  I didn't agree and still don't!

What is one cause of dizziness?  If your brain does not get enough blood flow, you feel lightheaded....Lack of Circulation!

Which One do I swear by now?

usana's Ginkgo-ps

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 Denise Griffin 

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I found this a simple explanation anyone could understand.  Hope it helps!