Meniere's sufferer claims is having positive results from increasing her Vitamin D!

As I mentioned, I promised to share this Meniere's sufferer's personal success story I recievd from a long time contact of mine.  

Although I always listen intently without judgement and give all benefit of the doubt, I have to say that, honestly, just like any other "success story" I receive in my Inbox I hesitated.  Reason is:
  1. She said her meniere's went away
  2. I questioned the safety of what she and her doctor had been far as amounts of vit-D being administered
  3. She had been taking the Usana supplements off and on at the time
  4. In the end, even her doctor mentioned that she felt it was really lack of sleep triggering her symptoms and administered a medicine that is used to treat depression, panic attacks, shingles, and post-herpetic neuralgia  
There is a limit to how much vitamin D we are supposed to have in our diets or as a supplement and I've been taking some time to research this with Usana 'Ask The Scientists' etc.  She even mentions below some direct side effects she was having as she increased levels.  

But, still a story she felt was worth it to her sharing..

Just FYI, I have been reading repeatedly that if we are considering a change in dosage of our vitamin D intake we need to be advised to consult our health care provider for further information.  

I have also posted some links below this Note with more information.

take care, Denise


Denise, thank you for the card and Merry Christmas to you! 

I have waited to write to you as I have been testing a new treatment which has really changed my life!  I went to "Dr. G.".  She is a neurologist and I went at the urging of my sister who has migraines (as well as I have had most of my life). 

This doctor is under the impression that lack of proper and enough sleep is the underlying cause of most immune problems.  She said I had to sleep more, and as my Vitamin D levels were in the low 50"s, she said that I had to raise my levels of D to between 60-80. 

She put me on 15,000 IU of Vitamin D-3 (not prescription).... for one month, then down to 10,000 IU for one month and then down to 5,000 IU for the third month.  During the summer months of June-October, I was to take 5,000 IU per day and then go up to 15,000 IU  during the winter months. 

Immediately I started sleeping better and my meniere's went away.  I did extremely well and had little to no symptoms until I moved down into the 5,000 IU level.  I started to have some imbalance and mild dizziness.  Immediately I moved back up to 15,000 IU and the symptoms went away.  After a while at that level, my legs started to hurt and so I lowerd my daily intake to 10,000 IU where my legs stopped hurting and my meniere's problems were not bothering me.  The doctor wants to test me every three months, but it seems that I can tell from my symptoms what level I should be taking.

I had previously been taking 5,000 IUs before going to the doctor, but she said it was not enough to help me.  I am now experiencing no problems with Meniere's and few problems with head pain.  When a weather front is moving thru, I will sometimes experience some headache or a very few moments of imbalance, but no problems as before.  While this did not help my sister, it has really made a huge difference with me. I started this in March and it is now the end of December, 9 months.  I have gone through bad weather and the change of seasons and it is a miracle for me to have had no symptoms of vertigo or severe dizziness at all.  I can look up without dizziness; I can pick up heavy objects without vertigo; I can stand up quickly without dizziness; I can drive with no imbalance problems, etc.  I thought I would pass this on in case it might help others with this problem.  I don't know if it will help everyone, but it might.  It has certainly helped me as I was having so many problems. 

I am now off the Usana supplements, although they are very good.  I still take the Active Calcium, but that is all.  The doctor also prescribed Nortriptilyne (sp) to help me get sleepy at night as that was my main problem with sleep...going to sleep was the big hurdle.  That has worked well and I am sleeping much, much better.  So, all in all, I am very, very, happy with this relief.  I hope it helps others.

Please try this and share it with others in case they might be helped also.

Happy New Year!
Peggy Ann

January 3, 2012

Hey, Denise!  No, I don't mind you sharing that Vit-D helped my meniere's; however,  I prefer to remain anonymous.  The doctor said that my levels should be between 60 and 80 when tested.  When I start getting too much D, my legs start to hurt.  When that happens, I slack off the D.  When my levels get below 60..into the 50' Meniere's symptoms start to come back and I up the D.  Most people get their levels tested 4 times a year, but I am able to tell from my symptoms when I need to up the D or pull back.  But she also believes that not getting enough quality sleep is the main thing that contributes to these problems.  When I am getting enough D, I sleep much better.  It's the sleep that is the big culprit in her opinion.

Take care and have a great New Year!



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Denise Griffin, RI

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