A Scientific Approach to Heart Health / Grape seed

Hello to All!  I am posting this to show there is scientific proof for what these particular supplements actually are capable of..Plus below, a question regarding grape seed extract. Denise

A Scientific Approach to Heart Health 
written by USANA Health Sciences

USANA scientists recently conducted a study in conjunction with a research team at the Boston University School of Medicine.  The study showed that grape-seed extract and vitamin C may be beneficial for people who already have a form of cardiovascular disease called coronary artery disease (CAD).

Here’s a little bit of background: Oxidative stress may impact the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood.  Over time, this impaired function has been shown to be an important factor in the progression of CAD.

Grape-seed extract and vitamin C have been shown to significantly protect against oxidative stress, as well as to have positive effects on blood flow. The USANA/BU team suspected that the powerful antioxidants could support healthy blood flow through supplementation of these two key nutrients together.

Researchers gave study participants, who were already diagnosed with CAD, either a placebo or 450 mg of grape-seed extract and 1500 mg of vitamin C. Blood samples were taken four hours after receiving the first dose, then again four weeks after taking the same dosage every day.

Those in the treatment group showed improved antioxidant levels.  Blood flow response also showed significant improvement following the 28-day treatment relative to the placebo group.

These results suggest that grape-seed extract and vitamin C, working together, may help improve vascular function in people with CAD, even in tiny peripheral blood vessels. The results of this study were so impressive they were shared at an event sponsored by the American Heart Association.

Actual Study:

Study (PDF)

A Double Dose of Heart Benefits (Results):

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Can I get grape seed extract at a health food store?
 Recent Inquiry

If you are looking locally, you might try a health food store or a store that sells supplements.  I have seen grape seed extract sold in stores and online.  I am sure there are brands with better quality than goes with any supplement on get what you pay for!

It is very true that grape seed extract can be effective and especially in combination with vitamin-c.  However, if you are referring to the above study, this was performed using USANA's Proflavanol C100, a new 'hybrid' formula. 

I myself have been taking Proflavanolc-100 for 9 years now and it has helped tremendously for specific symptom relief but also benefits the body as a whole. It helps to attack and eliminate free radicals which can wreak havoc on the body.  And then what it does is clear and widen blood vessels while drawing out fluids and decreasing inflammation.  This then allows for more proper circulation for blood (nutrients) to areas that need it (in my case, ears, eyes, brain, heart, etc.)

The study above was one of many by USANA Health Sciences (their own labs), the company I am a distributor for and have been 9 years now.  After trying them faithfully for one year I found incredible relief from my balance and hearing issues (Meniere's) as well as other health/immune challenges I had been suffering from for years.  This includes; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, low thyroid.

FYI:  I now choose a new perspective - to view these as symptoms with cause(s) and not so much by 'name' or 'disease' anymore as this led me (and others) to no continual workable solutions but down a deep dark road  to nowhere/depression/frustration.  Maybe you can relate to this..? 

The Proflavanol C100 are not sold in stores but easily can be purchased online.  You never have to pay retail (which is 10-20% more!).  See product, discount rewards info and ordering instructions here:

So, yes, you may try a 'reputable brand' purchase matching the ingredients at any store but I would think about someday giving the Usana Proflavanolc-100 a try as the results can be amazing and the quality, purity, safety, and effectiveness is Nutrition You Can Trust as a positive (as opposed to a negative or neutral) experience.  I learned there is a difference.  (I tried so many poor quality supps in the past and, believe me, my body paid for it and I was sorry) 

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Wish you wellness always!
take care, Denise

Denise Griffin, RI, USA