Mary's Meniere's-Back-to-Health Success Story

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012, Mary R. wrote:

Hi, Denise

I’m doing very well on a half dose of the supplements.  I am asymptomatic outside of very low-level of tinnitus in left ear,  which I mainly don’t notice.

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March 24, 2012, Denise G. wrote:

Mary, how long ago did you start taking the supplements and for how long did you take them?  Didn't you take time without them too?  I am wondering for how long that was?  And how long have you been on 1/2 the doses?  If you don't mind telling me how this all happened.  Thanks so much, Denise


Mar 24, 2012, Mary R. wrote:

Trying to remember when I started the supplements – I think it was around May of 2005.

Basically, the onset was in 2000 for me. Intermittent vertigo attacks/hearing loss/vertigo and then nothing until Jan or Feb of 2005 when I experienced nearly daily attacks of severe vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss. This went on for a number of months when I contacted you and Karin and started the supps.

I’ve not had a vertigo attack since. However I had a few months in 2011 where I had feelings of unwellness that were very Meniere's-ish. I had a lot of stress at that time. I was taking the supplements twice daily at this stage.

In June of last year I went on a round the world trip entirely on my own. Was gone for 4 months. Felt well and managed it beautifully. Traveled on planes, boats, buses and trains. In October of last year I was feeling very well and I went to a half dose, which is what I am on now.

I’ve also changed my diet in February of last year – I am abstinent of all foods containing flour and sugar. Concentrating on fresh and wholesome foods in the right amounts. Have lost lots of weight.

So I am feeling very well at the moment.  Have lots of energy. Looking great! Knock on wood!!

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Mary wants to remain anonymous.  However, she did say that if anyone was interested in emailing with her about this she would be glad to.  Let me know.  
Take care, Denise

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Vertigo while Driving?..a Tip on What Works For Me!

  photo of car dashboard options for air flow

Vertigo, dizziness, or other symptoms while driving is one subject we do here of on Fb or otherwise.  I mention it in my own story from years ago in my very first blog.  There could be many reasons for this happening and I don't claim to know all the reasons why or that this is the one reason why.  We know how Meniere's like symtpoms are..they can have many causes!

But, this is One Tip I have learned that made a great difference for me in how I feel while driving and afterwards...

Whenever I am in the car/truck for a drive, I make sure the air flow on the dash is set to 'inner circulation mode' while I roll up all the windows.  (especially when in the city, busy driven roads, or even passing where roads have construction)

Pollution (exhaust, toxins) from cars in front and around us is coming at and into the car through front air vents.

I make sure that mode is set with the light ON at all times while driving and I will not get the pollution or fumes from outside coming into the car (then into my system).

Some cars/trucks do not have this option so, if this is the case or I am a passenger, I try and keep my own window down a bit for air.  I found that it is better to have Some clean air circulating with the bad rather than just the bad air being trapped in the vehicle with the windows up for nowhere to go but in my body.

What can happen is an attack from irritants or free radicals which then produces a natural histamine reaction to the respiratory OR asthma-type inflammation response or bronchial spasm.  The histamine reaction is what brings about the fluids and inflammation and bronchial spasms can cut off oxygen.  Now, this is a natural response by the body and is actually a good thing but sometimes during this cleansing or blocking process we can have unpleasant symptoms which can then lead to chronic patterns.

This used to happen to me for the longest time and I just thought it was the condition..that there was something wrong within me doing this, something I ate, something about the ears or that I was stressed at the time.  Not always so!  I always look for something tangible and most the time, for me, it is in the air and I may not see it.  It Can be coming from the outside!

I do continue to take the supplements (that have Worked For Me 9 yrs now!) and I do know for a fact that, over some time of taking them, all these antioxidants work together daily as a preventative to triggers like this.  However, learning to identify those every day triggers and eliminating as much as possible is half the battle!

Denise Griffin, RI, USA