Live Healthy for Better Hearing

Many people know that healthy living is something that they should be doing.  Eating all of the right foods and getting enough exercise are all ways that you can live longer and be happier. What many people do not know is that.. 

Healthy living can also help them to prevent hearing loss. 

There are a few reasons why living a healthier life can help the overall functions of your ears.  By knowing why healthy living is important and how to prevent hearing loss, you will be on your way to living a life that is free of hearing problem distractions.

The reason healthy living is important for those who want to prevent hearing loss is simply because many diseases and illnesses actually cause hearing loss to occur.  For example, diabetes is a problem that many people face.  You may not have known that people who have diabetes are at greater risk for losing their hearing.  Incorporating a healthier diet into your life along with exercise can help to prevent diabetes, which in turn will help to prevent hearing loss from becoming a problem that you have to deal with.

Another thing that many people do is smoke on a daily basis.  Most people already know that smoking can cause lung cancer and breathing problems, but you may not realize that hearing loss is also more common in smokers. Even people who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to suffer a loss in their hearing later on in life.  One of the best things you can do for your overall health and well-being would be to quit smoking and stay away from cigarettes.

Besides living a healthier lifestyle to prevent hearing problems, there are also small things you can do each day to keep your ears in good working order.  The best thing you can do would be to turn down the volume on your headphones when you are listening to music.  Too many people blast their music at home or in their cars, and this could definitely be doing damage to your hearing over time.  Try turning the volume down to a point where you can still enjoy the music, but you do not have a ringing in your ear after you turn the music off and are surrounded by silence.

Another thing to get used to would be to use earplugs often and whenever you will be around something that is loud.  If you are doing renovation work in your home and will be using loud power tools, be sure to protect your ears by putting in some plugs.  You may also want to do this when you are swimming for hours at a time so that you are able to protect the ears from water damage. 

Hearing loss although sometimes permanent, in some cases can be avoidable.  If you feel you are suffering from some form of hearing loss, a trip to the doctor could be your best bet.  Your doctor will be able to provide you with certain tips to help better your hearing or depending on the severity of your hearing may prescribe you hearing aids.  Being able to incorporate healthy living and daily changes to your schedule will definitely help you to hear better for a longer amount of time.

Written by John O'Connor