...and the woman said, "Oh, Vertigo, is That all it is?"

Did you happen to watch NYMed the other night?  This is a new reality miniseries by Dr. Oz taking place in a New York hospital. 

There was an older woman who came into the emergency and she said she was so dizzy the room was spinning.  So, one of the nurses said something like "Is this your first time having vertigo?" and the woman said, 

"Oh, vertigo, is that all it is?"   

Watching and hearing her say this, I thought to myself, "Oh my God, if she does continue to suffer from this symptom, like so many do, she will think again about what vertigo truly is and how it can effect her life! 

I thought about how vertigo horribly effected my own life (years ago now) put me out of my career and left me physically and mentally debilitated for years.  I suffered from it repeatedly and for long hours!  Vertigo effects the lives of so many people everywhere in the world today!  I thought about how sad it is, that in a case like this, we may not be told the Total truth about symptoms we are having and from the people who are expected to know!

I think it is so important for us Not to minimize vertigo or any symptoms like this we may be experiencing because it is our health and our health is everything!..something I didn't realize fully until later.  We needn't suffer like this, we need to let people know how we feel, we need to push for answers and solutions...healthy solutions that are not invasive or add to the problem making conditions worse for us! 

I remember when I met with the last doctor (yrs ago now) I was going for answers (I was hoping...once again).  He was 'supposed' to be the ear specialist..the "best" around.  I agreed to go through some tests, even though I had already been diagnosed with Meniere's.  I felt like an 'experiment', not listened to, brushed aside, and spent little time with.  I was not impressed the minute I walked in there, not surprised, and once again so very disappointed. 

And then, they wanted me to go through a test that was definitely going to send me into vertigo and I knew I wouldn't be able to drive home if I went through with it.  I think it was where they blow water or cold air into your ear.  So, I refused.

Then, having me wait in room to room, they were setting up another appointment for me to have this test in the near future (even after I refused).  At this point, my insides were boiling...seething..I was so upset that 'here I am at another appointment with No answers, No solutions, No progress, and No hope'!  I was so angry I stormed out of that office so emotional..irate...crying!!  Thank God I had a friend there to console me when I needed it most.  It was clearly another "closed door" and I finally listened to my insides, myself, my emotions...

I never went back there.. but I Never Gave Up!  Vertigo is Serious and We Need to be listened to!  We Need to be taken Serious about our symptoms!..Do Not minimize your or someone else's symptoms and don't let anyone else minimize them about what you are going through!  Know that you are Not alone and that things Can be done for this..for You!  Seek and You Will Find..(something that was sort of my mantra each day)! 

Be Persistent for answers and continual solutions for health and balance in your life and those you love!  And, Stay Positive!     


ps. If you find your vertigo is persistent for a time (as it was in my case) and you have not been satisfied with any 'solutions' or 'treatments' (as was I) perhaps a new perspective on healing is the answer for you.  Feel free to opt-in for more information or contact me anytime!  

Statistics on Vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders: