Why Couldn't Isolated Pain Trigger Meniere's-like Symptoms?

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I chose this topic because I had a discussion with a facebook friend recently and it really got me thinking of the relationship. It made me think of more topics as a result and I could not resist.  These topics that come along spur this sort of excitement inside of me..I suppose because of my own past experience but also because I have always been so passionate when it comes to the subject of Meniere's.  I am passionate, meaning I still have strong feelings/beliefs at times, as it runs so deep in my blood that it moves me to try and make a difference for those that are suffering.

Do you ever feel that way, too, about it?  I know there are many others that do because of all the online forums and groups we have available now (which is fantastic by the way..they were not there when I was ill).  Maybe it could be my own old anger or disappointments (now used as positive energy) over all that I had gone through that caused so much pain for I was told that 'nothing could be done and I just had to live with it'.  I knew deep down, though, that I wasn't going to accept that as a definition or solution for my life y any means..I would fight this, stay strong as I could, and find a way out...(and I did!).

Many years ago I was diagnosed twice with Meniere's but also Fibromyalgia well as some other 'names' as it was clear my immune system was not working as efficiently as it should have. Even though I really did not equate the two then, over time I learned that, for me, there was a link.  Again, I don't so much look at diagnoses (names) any more but look at cause and effect, symptoms and underlying issues.  This is largely due to the fact that I learned there is more valuable information to be found by listening to oneself and observing one's every day actions and surroundings. ( And, from my perspective, in many cases, a diagnosis can become a sort of life sentence for people.  I don't know about you but I am about Hope and Healing if I can help it!       

And, my purpose for this note is not for us to dwell on possible past trigger events in our lives, but hopefully only speculating trying to concentrate on our present as this is something closer to us we can work with.

I found this to be such a valid question from my friend.  She wrote me about her dad and said that she had an inkling that his shoulder pain had something to do with the Meniere's-like episodes he was having and that they had given him a prescription for the pain.  

My first thought was, 'someone listening to their intuition about what could be happening beyond..Awesome!'  I felt that she could very well be right about pain and it could be located anywhere in our bodies.  Even this Chinese acupuncturist talking about shoulder pain says, "Just one region influences the whole." so why can't there be some relation..?   (

Now, I always make it clear that I am Not a medical professional but I will tell you of my own experience in suffering for many years with these kinds of horrible symptoms, from countless others I speak with every day, and of course from American and Asian studies etc.  

According to the Stanford School of Medicine, "Chronic pain is an ongoing condition, such as back and neck pain, headaches, complex regional pain syndrome Type 1 (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), neuropathic pain (nerve injury pain), musculoskeletal pain, and pain related to illness." (

I will go a step further and say that this can effect balance because it can signify blockages in the normal workings of nerves, flow of fluids and/or proper circulation.  So many people with Meniere's symptoms do not first think of this as a possible trigger (many are assumed to look only at what is going on in the ears).  But, maybe some have who have had injuries (which is one question I will always ask someone with symptoms) which we will see further.  

An Upper Cervical Chiropractic Specialist writes, "Previous head and/or neck trauma is a known cause of Vertigo or Meniere’s disease...abnormal posture occurs to compensate for the head being off-center. These abnormal spinal compensations are one of the most common causes of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain etc. due to spinal compensations in the neck, upper back, lower back, and pelvis." (  Well, I will be honest and tell you that I myself was in a major car accident in 1987 where I had whiplash injury yet none of these Meniere's-type symptoms came until years later..but they came.

So, I might ask if the person is getting any physical therapy like manual therapy, chiropractic or stretching.  I have found that these alone could help if done properly but never overnight as seems with anything.  Our bodies will definitely try and compensate where there is imbalance sometimes producing pain but cannot always easily alleviate underlying structural problems like bodywork might be able to.  Even an exercise routine that physical therapists have shown me to do could not always help to heal the tissues underlying (whatever is bringing on the pain).  I learned to choose a gentle PT, someone that does not have to work so hard/deep on me for results.  This sometimes left me with more pain than I started with!  

Another easy and free solution is applying heat or cold on the painful area.  I also stretch every day with light yoga exercise, plus normal strengthening at the gym.  Pain can cause weakness and no cardiovascular exercise means less oxygen to these areas.  I knew this well when I suffered the Fibromyalgia pain. (

I know I have moved from the subject a bit but there is one more important piece I cannot leave out and maybe I will just reference for more information.  

I am talking about Ototoxicity and Meniere's

Could our symptoms be coming Indirectly from the painful (or blocked) area and Directly from somewhere else?  Could side effects from medicines (over the counter or RX) we are taking to help alleviate that pain actually be triggering symptoms Directly??  It could very well be by the information I found below!  We feel better for a time as the pain subsides and we have learned to do such from years of home remedy conditioning.  I am not talking just that 'Tylenol is not good for the liver', for example.  I mean symptoms that are recognizable not too long following. is a reputable site for checking side effects, etc.  I never thought I was the one they were talking about..

Here it says (and I also experienced) that medicines like aspirin can collect inside the ear and are called Ototoxins. When this occurs, symptoms can be influenced like tinnitus, hearing impairment, fullness, inflammation and fluid in the ears, dizziness, vertigo etc.  For years, I myself never knew what this was or how this could be triggering/contributing to the vicious symptom patterns of Meniere's.

Now that we know more, isn't there even a slight possibility that we Can stop this cycle in its tracks to leave room for our bodies' natural healing process?  Couldn't Less be More as some say? Something to think about..

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I welcome any comments!!