How Can I Work If I Have Meniere's?

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Q: Where are people with Meniere's working and what kind of work are they doing?  

Sometimes being unreliable due to Meniere's symptoms is frustrating, not only to me but to employers. How are people managing careers, etc?  Are there people you have come across that could help me on this?  Are there jobs out there, especially with this economy, for us?  I am currently not working.  Look forward to your response!  Kerry

A:  Great question and topic, Kerry!  As far as working, I know well what you mean about 'How do I work with these kinds of symptoms and what kind of work could I really be able to do?  Would an employer hire me or is there something I can do at home?  Can I ever bring myself to a point of healing where I could work out in the world again, or should I be applying for long term disability?'

I was in this position myself and the story is too lengthy for an email so I will spare you for now.  Part of my story will be in the initial emails and you can get an idea what I ended up doing.  I do not include, though in there, about any work opportunities because I do feel that there Are ways out of this!

I did hear, yrs ago, and also, once in a while I will come across nonprofit organizations (local and online) that do supply free resources and work-at-home opportunities to look into.  I am going to do a little asking around and searching for info.  If I get anything I will let you know along the way.  Here it is..found it!  Find Work-at-Home Jobs through NTI and more"NTI (National Telecommuting Institute) enables businesses to operate more efficiently by employing a virtual workforce, while providing job opportunities for Americans with disabilities."  Also I found this site also: My Employment Options - For Job Seekers with Disabilities and Other Challenges.

Does your state provide a type of Vocational Rehabilitation service at all?  This might be affiliated with your own state Department of Labor and Training.  This would be a great resource (counselor and organization that helps one find work who has any kind of disabilities based on your work experience).  It looks like one may only be eligible for VR if one is already collecting Disability Benefits but here is the information site: Eligibility for disability and vocational rehabilitation. I would also google VR with your own state, for example, 'Vocational Rehabilitation MA' and you will most likely come up with more.

I remember I was registered for this one in my state and my counselor was wonderful in helping to provide all kinds of help free.  She was deaf herself and working full time!  Very inspiring!  She was the one who told me about work online available.  I have emailed her today asking for specific information and will post it here for everyone.  They also helped me get a free hearing aid because it was something to help me perform my job.  I was already working for Usana part time and, although my vertigo was no longer my hearing had gone on one side which sometimes made it difficult. They offer other services as well.

As far as those I am in contact with, most people will try the supplements or at least some of the supplements, feel better after a time more consistently, and will either return to their jobs or feel they are able to seek work again using their prior skills.  At this point, they increase to the full recommendation. Some feel it's time for them to transfer their skills to something a little more doable where they can work within certain limits or in a more controlled environment like home.

Here are some possible doable work ideas: 
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I would say that Many of them with symptoms do not even realize (or they cannot admit or yet see) that it is their own work environment that actually triggers their symptoms.  So, then, part of what Karin and I do is help them to identify their triggers before or while on the supps so that they are getting at the core or source of their symptoms.  This can take some time or maybe not so, but it truly Is the place to start.

People can go back to work but, then, what is the point if the underlying issues are never identified, avoided or dealt with..? Symptoms Will rear their ugly heads or they will continue to persist if nothing is done (we know this all too well).

There are some who will apply for long term disability insurance because they feel they are not reliable enough to an employer or they cannot seem to get a good handle on these symptoms.  They need the financial assistance even if they have the intention of working on getting better later on. Some will do just this.  However, there are many who become grateful they were approved but feel very limited in their lives because they are compromising the amount of income they are allowed to have.  Sadly, some become just as depressed and lose any will to become well, even if the opportunity presented itself.  Eligibility for disability and vocational rehabilitation.

As many of us already know, Meniere's symptoms are not only tough to live with and frustrating but can be very hard to manage even while trying medicines, treatments, or surgeries.  And, after a time of enduring or even being told that, 'this is a Disease and you just have to live with it', their hope or perspective for a symptom-free future becomes dimmer every day.  They are told, read, or hear things that tend to be very negative because medical 'prognosis' is hardly very promising or hopeful.

We try to bring that hope and help people to realize that we have to do what we need to do that we feel is right for us to be able to function, etc.  However, we also present safer and (we know and feel) effective solutions which adds to choices for symptom sufferers that maybe they never noticed or believed in before.

I myself have learned that knowledge and experience can not only change my perspective but bring light at the end of the tunnel.  In my own case, with a little willingness, knowledge, time, persistence, and patience, I was able to reach the other side, a better level of health and have a new perspective on life that I never dreamed was possible! I found my own health is everything and was so worth taking the time I needed to learn and discover what other paths could be taken.

I hope the links were helpful..please, if you have any other ideas or related links feel free to list them in comments.

Take care,

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