Positive Emails from those on the Meniere's System Nutrition and their Tips on Traveling

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These are recent (October 2013) emails I have received from friends presently taking the Meniere's System Nutrition. 

Most of them are not new to the supplements.  I had sent them an email asking for feedback on how they handle travel..Their replies I found quite interesting and helpful.  I am so very pleased they are doing so well!  (note: names have been changed for anonymity and supplements and I refrain from naming for compliance.)

Hi Denise,
Surprisingly I have never had any negative effects from flying, even when I was at my worst; other than significant pressure (ear) pain when landing which I had pre-Menieres.  I fly several times each year, as far as New Zealand, without problem.

After taking the supplements for six months I saw a major improvement in my condition, probably saw some improvement by four months but six was significant.

Hi, Denise

I’ve been on the supplements for at least 7 years now, taking a half dose. Traveling does not worry me in the least, whether it be by plane, train, boat or auto.  I’ve traveled around the world and routinely travel between the US and Australia.

In general, if I get symptoms, which is rare (knock on wood), I just go to a full dose for a few days. Normally just some rest or sleep helps in that case.  De-stressing helps too. I no longer carry any anti-nausea medication anywhere. We’re all so different of course.

I take the attitude that I’ll just be fine. And I am.

Please feel free to pass this on.
Best wishes,

Hello Denise, I my self have not flown since last year but I did asked my ent specialist.  He just said take a sweet or candy and chew while flying and before a few minutes.  That's all I can share with you hope it might help.  And, yes, the Potent Antioxidant is a must!  Oh yes, I forgot.. eating cucumber has help me a lot.

Hi Denise,
I travel quite a bit and have not had any trouble.  I make sure I stay clear of salt prior to traveling.  I drink lots of water on the plane.  The only other concern I see is the change in diet when you travel.  I try to take some basic foods that I eat if possible due to airline regulations.

I have gone to very high altitude places like Copper Mountain over 13,000 feet altitude.  Hope this helps.

Hey Denise
I haven't traveled by plane since my diagnosis but we have a boat and I haven't had to many problems. On windy days, I take, in addition to supplements, antihistamine or anti-anxiety medicine.
But otherwise no problem. If the barometric pressure changes a lot I take extra of the Potent Antioxidant.
Hope this helps !  Live, don't let it control you!

Hi Denise,
So funny that you should ask this question, my husband and I were just talking about this very topic the other night.  Contemplating if we did fly, what effects there might be.  A friend of his also has Meniere's and has had absolutely no trouble at all with air travel, he is also on the same nutritional supplements (and will not go anywhere without them either) but does not watch his sodium intake as closely as we do, he takes a diuretic (my husband will just take that occasionally and of course, has antihistamine and anti-anxiety meds but only takes these as needed, which is not really often).

You are more than welcome to pass along my email and we will be happy to impart any of our hard earned wisdom.  If it wasn't for our good friend who referred us, I don't know what we would have done, she not only led us to you, but was so great about helping us through it all.  It would be our pleasure to pay it forward.
All the best to you as always!

Hi Denise,
I hope this finds you well.  It's great that you're providing support as you are. As far as the subject matter, I've only flown once since the diagnosis, and it was a rather short 65 minute flight.  It was several years ago.  I was very anxious because of my concern for cabin pressure on my ears.  I increased the Potent Antioxidant starting about 4 weeks before the scheduled trip. 

I stayed away from alcohol, and sugar products.  In fact I still do, except for an occasional glass of wine. I did get some slight spinning when I tried closing my eyes and fortunately it didn't turn into a full blown attack.  I wish I had more information that I was able to articulate, but its crazy since this thing is so unpredictable.  That's also why it's so fortunate to have support such as you provide where those of us living with this thing can share ideas. Joe

Hi Denise
I have flown several times now (which was only this year) since diagnosis, 2 long haul trips, to the US and South America and several internal within Australia and I can now travel relatively comfortably even for a 40hr trip.
I have found that preparation is key: in addition to being vigilant with taking the supplements before traveling, I have an extra set for the flight, as well as extra of the Multi-vitamin and Potent Antioxidant and I also take sinus relief tablets before and have them with me if I need more. I also flush my sinuses before I fly.
I also use special flight earplugs and use a mentholated nasal inhaler and chew mentholated pascals on takeoff and landing. This has helped enormously, along with taking salt free food with me for the flight.

As a precaution I always take a collapsible walking stick with me if I need it and early on I also organized a wheel chair on arrival just in case. In addition I go straight to bed when I arrive and allow a adequate sleep time. 
I hope some of this can help.
And to your question about the wheelchair, I no longer need one when I arrive but if I did would not hesitate in ordering one during the flight. One less thing to stress about.

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