Meniere's - What Is The Best Way to Clean My Sinuses?

This was a question I received by email from an inquiring Meniere's sufferer and I ended up writing a blog post so here it is.  Sometimes these email subjects turn into very interesting topics and I cannot resist because so many others can benefit from the information for free!

First, I want to make something clear.  I do find a considerable difference (positive results) in my own sinus issues since taking The System Meniere's Recommendation...(as opposed to over the counter pain medicines; aspirin can trigger ototoxicity and tylenol medicines can cause breathing difficulty).  The complete nutrition, antioxidants and full spectrum bioflavonoids etc. improve the immune system efficiency overall.  They all play a part synergistically in keeping my sinus, head, and ear inflammation down allowing for better blood flow and a drawing out of fluids naturally.  They are effective through the day if taken diligently or when anticipating being around triggers etc.  However, they are not decongestants or antihistamines..they don't work like those meds either.  For more specific information:

Meniere's - What Is The Best Way to Clean My Sinuses?

I think I feel best when my sinuses are clear and staying moist (but not dripping etc.) and this seems to be when I do the Steaming Remedy.  If any of you have not seen this article by Karin Henderson I will gladly send it (Sinus Remedy)

Karin suggests you practice this over a sink but I like to steam with a pot of filtered water over the stove. wait until it cools a bit so it is not burning..then I just take it in and breath in and out with my mouth and alternate with my nose.  It is sort of like an inhaler but with pure steam..The goal is to moisten everything to help cleanse and clear..the nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, ears, and even the head.  Did you know that people have done this for many years to help dissipate their headaches..?  Head pressure can be very much related to sinus congestion/pressure and Meniere's symptoms can be closely related to head pressure so let's work on keeping it relieved as much as possible!

If I use any sort of saline spray I will get ringing in the ears badly and I used to get dizziness from saline spray.  This is because it has the great potential to drift straight to the ears!  This is something we totally do not want because it contributes to the vicious cycle of Meniere's symptoms!  So, I am no longer fooled when they say that saline solution is safe because there is no 'so called' medication ingredients.  I found this very eye-opening but not surprising: 

Blowing the nose can be damaging to tissues and actually cause more congestion and/or tinnitus or even rupture the eardrum (many of us have probably already done this..I have).  It can force infected mucous into the ears, back up further into the sinuses, and cause nosebleed.  So, as it turns out, when we have congestion in the sinuses we may think there is something inside..however, sometimes it is just the swelling that occurs due to infection, irritants, or histamine reactions.

Some use the neti pot idea... but I don't really recommend any kind of solution that has concentrated salt like that for the reason I just mentioned.

Another thing I do is, in the am and pm, I will go to the sink, cup my hands, and just kind of 'whoosh' warm water up over and in my nose to sort of irrigate my sinuses and let it drip back out.  I do this in the shower too.  But keep in mind there is chlorine and this way the water may not be filtered.  Chlorine and other chemicals in tap water can cause dryness (again) in the nose which is what we are trying to prevent.  So, If I have time, sometimes I will do this with filtered water which feels the best but warm water is key.

Another thing I will do sometimes if I feel extra stuffy is I will, for about 5 minutes, I sit with a warm moist face towel over my forehead, nose, and cheeks, and jaw.  I might wet it again and do it twice...this can loosen any mucous stuck inside then opening passages..I wait a while and then very lightly blow my nose or do the irrigation then to get the rest out.  And, I have to tell you..this feels great!

If the house is dry from using the heat (in the winter months) or dry conditions outside, I will sometimes run my humidifier daily or nightly...this all depends on when it is dry weather air (low dew point).  If I know it will be raining that night, is humid or warmer than usual I know I don't need to use the humidifier.

I hardly ever use any prescription steroid sprays because I have personally found, most of the time, they have not helped clear my nose or sinuses..What they are meant to do is address extra inflammation in the sinuses temporarily..but, I have found that this does not always work well for me.  And, in fact, I have experienced terrible side effects from using them.  Seems steroid sprays cause dryness, burning, stinging in my sinus tissues (especially in winter or dry air) and throat irritation.  See side effects here: 

I have learned that some people see the need to use a steroid spray but they just spray once on the affected side only and are okay with that...I might only do it during the day (to help for at night).  Sometimes if you spray before bed it will not have a chance to clear and will dry instead.  Plus, this is all a part of the lessen I have learned over the years of my balancing and healing process.

...Less Is More!

And, lastly, sort of off the subject but not really..two things:

I have also found from listening to my body as a whole...not just ears and sinus etc but realizing we are really talking about our body parts as one...If we look at the upper body (above the neck, for example) and just at that it is possible we may never come up with a cause for why these symptoms may be happening.

Isn't it true that possibly chronic congestion could be happening because of what is happening in digestive areas of the body?  Couldn't certain ingredients in our foods either not brake down or eliminate fully, correctly or efficiently literally get backed up? Some health practitioners believe that the bowel or digestion is where health or disease begins.  Now that I look at the big picture I see how all of this relates and how this could have happened to me personally.  PureHealthMD, , mentions that, "Food triggers, poor digestive health, inadequate sleep and lack of good nutrition can all aggravate sinus problems. By improving each of these factors, the overall allergen load can move below the sensitivity threshold."   

Karin Henderson believes that Meniere's symptoms can be largely part of the respiratory system.  Before I thought not necessarily so but my view has changed.  Reason is, I was one not only to have suffered Meniere's very badly but simultaneously suffered asthma and sinus symptoms as well.  What I thought were panic attacks were truly asthma attacks I found out early on.  So, if I am having congestion I might ask myself, 'what might be triggering my lung tissue as well?'..and, 'am I oxygenating properly?' 

So, as you can see, this is all about balance and getting to the core or underlying triggers as well as the triggers in our environments, finding what these are and listening to our inner selves about what is truly going on.  Learning to trust ourselves and giving ourselves what we are asking for deep inside.  It is not always about temporary means.

As you can see, I can relate to this very much.  It is all about balance, again.  Does this help?  Would love to hear comments..
take care, Denise