The supplements worked for me right away but as a process in stages

It was right around the time I was having vertigo attacks more often, like several times per week, that lasted very long each time.  I really did not have it under control at all for quite some time and became debilitated.  Tried a lot of name it..I did it with no consistent success or relief..until the supplements..until I was diligent in taking them and taking the proper amounts daily etc.  

Keep in mind before you read on, that I was taking close to the full amounts of all 4 supplements in the Rec. from the start:  (the complete and balanced Multivitamins, the Potent Antioxidant, The Calcium combo, and the Ginkgo formula).  I say this because there is a great chance that you won't get the same results if you are taking brands other than This specific brand, less supplements, ​less amounts per day of them, or mixing several brands of supplements​.    

I refrain from stating the actual names of the brand and supplements here for many reasons.  If you would like to know further in detail on any of this than I encourage you to opt-in for the Meniere's and System Information here.  You will not regret you did..even if just to learn some things.

I know now that I would have seen better results quicker if I had taken the full Recommendation right away but I was afraid because my system had become so weak and so sickened (with stomach problems) from prescriptions and other lower quality supplements I had been taking previous.  I chose to go slow at first and then increased as I felt better.  It was not overnight as I was one of the worst cases ever with every symptom there is to the worst extent.  Plus, I had to learn how to take them and what each one was supposed to do for me and my body and to listen to my body and what was happening.  My patterns in symptoms had to change ..for the better and they did.  

I was still so oblivious to possible triggers around me, too, so there were still things in my environment effecting me negatively which impeded my progress but I was determined to get well and I had so much support and guidance from the special Meniere's online team I had found. (now what I do for others).  

I stuck with it, became more diligent, and once I took more of the Potent Antioxidant and discovered how safe it was (all the supplements for that matter), plus was able to increase to the full adult doses, my symptoms were less often, a lot less lasting, less damaging to my ear function / tissues / cells, and more nonexistent.  And, as time went on further, I became better and better as time went on even after the first and then the second year.  My system got stronger and truly felt my immune system and body overall much better, efficient functioning.  

So, I would say I myself went in stages (as some do) but I knew there was progress working from the inside out..from the very underlying issues and vulnerabilities bringing healing to the outside manifesting in balance.  I found I still had tendencies for a while as my brain had to catch up, so to speak, to the concept of feeling good and no longer expecting the horrors of sudden dizziness, imbalance, or vertigo.  My own brain had to trust the support and the good that now was becoming the normal for me. 

Most people progress quicker if they have not had symptoms for very long..say a year or less.  But those who have had them much longer can take some time, to get through to a better place, due to the damage and the patterns that have become ingrained.  I was the latter but I was fortunate in coming to that place of overcoming, controlling, managing, and now prevention​

For some, they start the supps and never have bad symptoms again after starting.  So, I would say, that I started feeling the supplements working right away in working on first my energy,  Then, the inside of my ears in drawing out fluids and bringing down inflammation and also lessening the tinnitus.  The vertigo was a little more of a challenge but once I was able to keep working on the ear issues then I was beginning to 

​keep from​
 ever getting to the other parts of the vicious cycle like the dizziness and vertigo (and headaches and so on).  The supplements are also working on keeping a clean healthy inner environment as far as any germs or "bugs" or getting sick often too (which I had been a great candidate for this
​ prior​
).  There is so much they can do!

take care,

~          ~          ~
Denise Griffin 
​Coventry RI 02816 USA