Meniere's and Adjusting to Springtime

Spring cherry blossum blooming

Hello to my Meniere's friends out there! (new ones too)

I am posting and sharing this article (below) because I came across it today and truly believe in this concept of eating according to the four seasons.  I adopted this philosophy years ago when I had the privilege of buying and reading (and forever referencing) this book:

Pitchford, Paul. Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. North Atlantic Books. 2002.  

This was my 'bible' for many years and taught me so much about eating properly according to the seasons, the weather, and to how I am feeling, or my condition. This is true..We Can heal from foods, along with nutrition, maybe not over night but over time of practice and it is not that hard as we think. Still sits here in my book cabinet.

To me, this book and whole philosophy is and was so important to my history of Meniere's symptom vulnerability.  I even wrote to the publisher a couple of years ago to ask permission to quote a large part of their Spring chapter.  Will be sharing that also very soon.  

I wish I had the time for more blog posting but Meniere's Nutritional Recommendation inquiries do take the bulk of my daily time. Feel free to opt-in at (

Spring is the season that we have most people inquiring about the supplements, Meniere's information and resources, of course.  This is due to warmth starting, plants and pollen coming out, more moisture in the air from the rain, and people starting to spend more time outdoors in the elements. This is a time for histamine reactions (actually not such a bad thing after all..I have come to learn), sinus issues, colds, late season flu, etc.  

But it is the time to make an adjustment in diet and because of the paragraph above..Our bodies change so we must change with it if we want to keep that balance consistently with the seasons and to feel better! Possibly, if we do, we can avoid some of those nasty Spring symptoms and therefore, avoid those horrible Meniere's type symptoms and be able to enjoy it!  

It may even be a time for Spring cleaning inside and outside.  I keep a package of disposable masks and use them every time.  This saves me the anguish of doing a number on my nose trying to clean it, clear it, and make it itch-free..and also, more importantly, can keep me from catching a sinus infection.. (bugs) God forbid!!  If we can keep it from getting to this point, then we win!  

So, if we are feeling the Spring rains and outside dampness, then, so too will our bodies feel the same on our insides with extra moisture (fluids, mucous, inflammation, bugs).  We are human beings and a part of science and nature ourselves.  We just have not been accustomed to thinking this way since we live our lives now on the indoors primarily for years now.  But this doesn't mean we no longer feel the effects and this is part of the idea of Chinese medicine.  Same with the winds.  Wind means movement and this is when our bodies need to move more.  If it is still chilly and windy outside then our bodies can feel this also on the inside.  Wind can be related to dizziness in that it can leave us with a stiff neck and headaches as well. 

With blockages can come dizziness.  I still wear a scarf and practice my neck stretches/strengthening if there is wind when I go out hiking, for example.

Some say Spring is a time of detoxification of the liver.  Now, I used to do herbal cleanses many years ago at this time of year because I was told that Winter we have eaten many meats and foods with toxins that need help to be eliminated and that is why I wasn't feeling so well come Spring time. However, I do not go by this anymore as I am more healthier now and my daily supplements taken daily act like a daily cleanse to my entire body as they are purer than any herbal supplement and I can trust them completely.  They are tested and retested and freely pass standards for purity and effectiveness etc.  

And, these supplements (along with Spring foods and dodging triggers) have been a wonderful help in how smoothly I can transition now from one season to another without symptoms! This is very hard for so many people today, and especially those with Meniere's balance and hearing symptoms!  

I say, why wait for 1 or 2 times per year to be conscious of detoxifying when we are daily bombarded (our insides, mind you) with pollution and chemicals from our environments today?  Wouldn't you say this is just not enough and even risky as far as our health is concerned?

This author mentions what happens in our bodies in Spring and nutritional foods associated.  One of her sources listed is the book I mentioned above.

Spring forward and revitalize your health with traditional Chinese nutrition

Take Care and Happy Spring!  Write anytime!  Denise